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About Me

As a kid, I used to play with toy cameras. When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of time making videos with my friends. At the age of 24 I graduated from the University of the Arts Utrecht as a screenwriter and director and now I'm working as a freelance director  on a variety of projects. From fiction short films, documentaries and series to commercial projects and sport related content. I'm based in The Netherlands, but I always love to work abroad.

Having been raised in two different countries, Uruguay & the Netherlands,  has made me see things from different perspectives. I like to create work that goes beyond the geographical borders. My goal is always to connect people from different backgrounds through small and personal stories, with at its core always the most human emotions. This is my way of communicating with the world.

My bi-cultural background is something that is not only reflected on my films but also on my working process. I have the dutch structure, organization and I like to communicate as clear and transparent as possible. On the other hand I always try to maintain my Uruguayan tranquily; I can manage stress well and improvise when things go other than planned or resources are limited.

Nico met camera.jpg

My graduation film 'LA RUTA' won 'Best International Film' at the First City Film Festival in Kansas, USA,  and got selected for various international film festivals such as Houston Latino Film Festival, Madrid Film Awards and Caracas iberoamerican Film Festival.  ​Since 2022 I´ve been working as a director and producer for the Brunel Solar Team, creating a large number of videos both locally (in the Netherlands) and abroad (in South Africa and Australia).  ​At the moment I´m working on my next short film, 'KNOWN STRANGERS', and on various commercial projects.

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